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Free2Play Privatserver

WoW Privatserver  ONLINE: 24  Max: 76
Alliance 14Castle Alliance - Castle Horde 10 Horde
Daily restart at 5:30 amUptime: 15h 23m
Time since last restart

Download WoW-Client
WotLK 3.3.5a

Realm, Rates, Professions
set realmlist
Mob1.1  Quest1.2  Money1.0
4 Main Professions
3 Secondary Professions

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WoW-Castle is a privat owned and free to play game server. Every age of players are warmest welcome +++ Fun will be most important value, thereafter perfection +++ Actually each day almost 100 players are at the same time online +++ Content playable up to ICC +++ Individual character transfer after request +++ In our forum you will find the latest news and daily newest articles +++ Our team is consisting of different specialists with variable skills and interests. They are working free of charge and with high engagement to care of all players and the technic behind. +++ Join Us Now!

Instructions: Windows Instructions: Linux
Instructions: Mac OSX Patches 3.3.5a
Char Transfers Server Rules

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