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WoW-Castle | WoW Privat Server

WoW Privatserver  ONLINE: 26
Alliance 14Castle Alliance - Castle Horde 12 Horde
Daily restart at 5:30 amUptime: 19h 52m
Time since last restart
Fusion Paranoid

BC Partner-Server BC Partner-Server

WoW-Castle is a privat owned and free to play game server. Every age of players are warmest welcome +++ Fun will be most important value, thereafter perfection +++ Actually each day almost 100 players are at the same time online +++ Content playable up to ICC +++ Individual character transfer after request +++ In our forum you will find the latest news and daily newest articles +++ Our team is consisting of different specialists with variable skills and interests. They are working free of charge and with high engagement to care of all players and the technic behind. +++ Join Us Now!

Instructions: Windows Instructions: Linux
Instructions: Mac OSX Patches 3.3.5a
Char Transfers Server Rules


Green Burg Utgarde
Green Der Nexus
Green Azjol-Nerub
Green Ahn'kahet: Das Alte Königreich
Green Feste Drak'Tharon
Green Die Violette Festung
Green Gundrak
Green Hallen des Steins
Green Turm Utgarde
Green Höhlen der Zeit
Green Das Oculus
Green Hallen der Blitze
Green Prüfung des Champions
Green Seelenschmiede
Green Grube von Saron
Green Hallen der Reflexion


Green Naxxramas
Green Das Obsidiansanktum
Green Das Auge der Ewigkeit
Green Archavons Kammer
Red Ulduar
Green Prüfung des Kreuzfahrers
Green Onyxias Hort
Green Eiskronenzitadelle (10 NH)
Green Eiskronenzitadelle (10 HC)
Green Eiskronenzitadelle (25 NH)
Yellow Eiskronenzitadelle (25 HC)
Red Das Rubinsanktum

Green Komplett geöffnet
Yellow Teilweise geöffnet
Red Geschlossen