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Freitag, 28. Juni 2013, 08:45

Become a moderator for our english speaking forum!

In order to expand our Castle-community we are seeking for interested moderators for our english speaking forum.
So far there is quite little content to be found. This could change however, if you have a vision for extending WoW-Castle. You should have sufficient written and oral skills in English. German is not necessary, but a good amount of humour is a merit ;). The rest will come by itself and all further details can be discussed individually, if you are highly motivated just as we are and if you have enough team spirit and fun in working for this project.
Just let us know by contacting one of our team members by sending a PM or send us a short application in our English forum. Become part of this spacy community and a team that has grown over the years! We are looking forward to get to know you!

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