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Samstag, 16. November 2013, 20:20

Miscellaneous from the last weeks

Instance: Icecrown Citadel – Lich King (hc)
  • In the heroic mode, the spirit bombs in Frostmourne are removed after every round, to prevent remains. (#2029) [26.07.2013]

  • During the phase of Frostmourne, the Lich King will be invulnerable. As soon as the phase is over, he will be open to attack. Furthermore, several effects has been removed, which could prevent the sucking in of a player in the Frostmourne phase. (activ with restart 07.08.2013 05:30)

  • The activating of the spirits in phase 3 is shifted, if there shouldn’t be enough time until the Frostmourne phase. The complying spell will be delayed by around 5 seconds after the return of the group. The next summoning takes place ca. 10 seconds after the return, with the usual delay until the attack (cf. inter alia Tankspot videos) (activ with restart 10.08.2013 05:30)

Instance: Icecrown Citadel – Lich King (#2032 [26.07.2013]
Players, affected by Harvest Souls, will no longer enlarge an active defile.

Instance: Icecrown Citadel – Sindragosa
  • Will no longer choose players for the ice tombs, which are affected by Frost-Imbued Blade (Shadowmourne quest chain). (#2056) [24.07.2013]

  • Will no longer attack targets, which are within an ice tomb. [29.07.2013]

Instance: Icecrown Citadel – Professor Putricide [07.08.2013]
Can no longer be tanked along the edges of the table. The target will be ignored, as long it is not in line of sight.

Instance: Icecrown Citadel – Deathbringer Saurfang (#1750) [05.08.2013]
From now on generates Rune Power even when damage is absorbed or blocked.

Instance: Icecrown Citadel – Lord Marrowgar (#2128) [24.07.2013]
Immune to taunt effects during Bone Storm.

Achievement:Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! (#2132) [01.08.2013]

Skill: Cloak of Shadows [04.08.2013]
Does no longer remove spells, which are marked with SPELL_ATTR0_UNAFFECTED_BY_INVULNERABILITY. (affects e.g. #1775)

Please not, that at the moment quite a lot of tickets are waiting for a response.
Among other things:
#2119, #1219, #2037, #1744, #2028, #1424, #1709
"There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man."
(Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear)

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