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Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013, 21:26

Castle will continue its path!

Some of you will be interested, how it goes with Castle from here on. To avoid the wrong churning of the rumor mill, let’s add information. What you will do with this is totally up to you. :)

As Brighid already communicated in another thread of our forum, WoW Castle will definitely exist beyond 2014. Our Castle team will stay a small but nice community of happily mixed people, who take care of the project Castle during their spare time and want to move it forward.

To avoid the risk of boredom, we came up with an adjoining project. Starting around February we want to offer to interested as well as to new players a classic realm with patch 1.12.1. The server has already been set up and is running on a separate second system. Furthermore, there will be a second forum as well as an extra bug tracker for the new classic server.

Unfortunatly, mangos aren’t bug free as well, therefore we are looking for a few active testers for the classic server. We are trying to prevent a character wipe with the official start of the server. Everyone who would like to help can get in touch with Animal or Brighid to set up an account for classic.

In technical terms, Elron and the others will, of course, carry on as a matter of priority to take care of WotLK. Nobody needs to worry that we neglect our main project. The classic server is just an attempt to start something new. Currently, Leona is taking care of the data base and the core. Whether everything with this new project will work as intended is unclear, logically. Nevertheless, our team is taking this project seriously – but we don’t take it dead serious. We don’t measure success only with the numbers of player, although this is an important aspect. Castle is and will stay a community project, which does not only want to provide a platform to players. Whether younger or older – everyone of you is warmly invited to introduce his or her knowledge and abilities to Castle and to follow a targeted development path.

This is why I would like to take this opportunity and start a new call to all of you, who feel a calling to be a technician, web or graphics designer, writer, social media expert or anything else:
If you feel like supporting and have a bit of spare time to actively play a part in Castle, then contact us and become part of our Castle team. We are looking forward to every wise person. As everything on Castle is voluntary there are no direct demands from anyone of the team. Nevertheless, as a team member you should as good as possible and, if procurable, not too infrequently bring in your knowledge and creativity. Otherwise, an application for the team makes no sense.

Who is new in our team or who left the team – all of this can always be seen on the site Team
. As you know we don’t make a fuss about it, therefore there are no special announcements.

As in recent years, during the holidays there will only be a limited support on Castle. Family and other private matters have a higher priority. But, of course, we will still read your PM’s via the forum.

Team Castle wishes you all a relaxed and peaceful holiday as well as a successful and healthy Happy New Year 2014!


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