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Freitag, 3. Januar 2014, 14:39

Eye of Eternity, Class Talents, Quests, Miscellaneous

  • Instance: Eye of Eternity - Malygos

    • Vortex: A change at the vehicle system has been made, pulling from now on all players in the vortex with the vortex skill of Malygos. Feedback welcome!

    • Healing of the dragons: From now on it is again possible to heal players of the hostile faction while riding the dragon during the third phase.

    • Being stuck at the graveyard: The error of being stuck at the graveyard when dying in the instance during the third phase and falling down has been fixed.

  • Warrior: Talent Titan’s Grip
    From now on the warrior will correctly do 10% less physical damage due to the ability when wielding a two-handed weapon.

  • Warlock: Doomguard
    The doom guard does now have the correct spell for the skill „Cripple“ and will reduce the movement speed only by 40% and increase the time between melee and range attacks by 20%.

  • Spell: Spell with a pull-up effect
    The calculation of the flight path of spells with a pull-up effect has been reworked. (by TC)

  • Quest: Dead Man’s Plea
    Quest: The Forgotten Tale
    Quest: The Grand Melee
    These quests should now work properly. (by Connex)

  • Item: Kil’sorrow Banner
    Item: Warmaul Ogre Banner
    These items can from now on only be used when being near the corresponding NPCs. (database change by Connex, core support by Elron)

  • Miscellaneous: Socket
    An additional requirement for the adding of socket places (e.g. belt buckle of a blacksmith) has been included. These shouldn’t play a big role with our version of WoW. (by TC)

  • Miscellaneous: Crash fix with incorrect data in the database
    A possible crash when starting the server has been fixed, which could occur with inccorect data in the database. (by TC)

  • Miscellaneous: Security – Guild creation
    A security gap has been closed, which could have been used with the help of modified package data from external programs. A guild could have been created with a no longer used opcode without submitting a petition. (by TC)

  • Miscellaneous: Security – Master Loot
    A security gap has been closed, which could have been used with the help of modified package data from external programs. It was possible to distribute loot to unauthorized players. (by TC)
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