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Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014, 08:28

Several Fixes

  • Miscellaneous: Totems
    Totems won’t be able to attack neutral NPCs, which are not attackable by the corresponding player (had the potential of aftereffects, e.g. Lich King).

  • Miscellaneous: Clearing the Database
    Due to the errors a few weeks ago, which caused losses of connection to the database at the starting process of the server, some data corpses accumulated. These have been removed.

The following changes have been ported from TC to our version:

  • Spells: Heal-Over-Time Proccs
    The bug of not correctly recognizing proccs of HoTs in some situations has been fixed.
    (Feedback welcome: Does this change something with the behaviour of HoTs regarding the ability “Unchained Magic“ in the fight against Sindragosa?)

  • Warrior: Retaliation
    Retaliation will no longer have an effect, if the warrior is stunned.

  • Warlock: Health Funnel
    The ability „Health Funnel“ will from now on cause damage to the warlock, even though the pet already has full health points.

  • Miscellaneous: Equipment Manager
    When changing the equipment with the help of the integrated Equipment Manager only the weapons will correctly be changed during a fight. So far a change during the fight was entirely not possible.

  • Miscellaneous: Crashfixes
    A few possible crashes have been fixed. (Especially one of them occurred a few times on our server.)

  • Miscellaneous: Malfunctions with modified data
    With the help of extended tests the malfunction of the server with modified data of the client will be prevented in some places. For example, you could lead the server to believe in unlearning your talents at a trainer, although the trainer is responsible for another class. These falls under the category of preventing cheats and hacks, as far as technically feasible. As a result, at some places it was possible to unnecessarily block resources of the server (memory leaks). Furthermore, in some situations crates could be looted, which shouldn’t be lootable for players.

  • Miscellaneous: Spirit times
    The time of death, releasing and becoming a spirit is from now on calculated differently. With this the bug shall be prevented of being a spirit at your corpse and having to wait for a few seconds, before the reviving-button really does take effect on you.

  • Miscellaneous: Guild rights – seeing the officer’s notice
    Also the guild rights of seeing the officer’s notice will from now on be implemented by the server. There seemed to be the possibility of making the officer’s notice readable without the assigned rights.
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