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Montag, 3. März 2014, 10:54

NPCs, Miscellaneous

  • NPC: Escort NPCs
    A general bug has been fixed, with which escort NPCs did not run properly after been involved in a fight during the escort.

  • NPC: Smart AI
    Various schematic errors within Smart Al scripts have been fixed. As a result, no more error messages will be produced on the server and some NPCs might work, who until now completely skipped actions or always repeated one action.

  • NPC: Thassarian, the Death Knight and High Captain Justin Bartlett
    These NPCs were spawned twice on the Alliance Gunship „The Skybreaker“. From now on each NPC is only spawned once.

  • Game Objects: Ores and Herbs
    The respawn time for all ores and herbs has now again been set to 5 minutes. (Information: This does NOT mean that a deposit will respawn after 5 minutes – the system for random spawn allocation is, after all, still active.)

  • Item: Grand Marshal’s Claymore and High Warlord’s Greatsword
    These items will correctly be exchanged after a faction change.
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