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Dienstag, 25. März 2014, 11:39

Release: Crossfaction BG

Finally, the time has come:

With the restart on March 25th at 3 a.m.

Crossfaction BG
will be activated.

Following, a few information:

What is Crossfaction BG (short: CFBG)?
Crossfaction BG describes a modification, with which the arrangement of teams on battlegrounds is influenced. We took this modification, adjusted it further according to our own ideas and fixed bugs.

How does the arrangement of the teams work?
With the help of CFBG you have the possibility to enter the battleground of the fight as a participant of the enemy fraction. For example, a horde player can be assigned to the alliance team on the battleground and vice versa. We adjusted it further to ensure a random assignment of a player to the teams. Additionally, joining as a group for battlegrounds won’t be possible anymore.

What shall this modification achieve?
There are two effects we hope to achieve with this modification. This can best be described with the aid of examples:

Example 1:
For the queue of Warsong Gulch 5 players of each fraction are needed. With CFBG you need 10 players, regardless of their fraction. For instance, 10 horde players are joined for the battleground – 5 of them will be playing for the horde team, the other 5 horde players will be changed to alliance players for the time being in the battleground. Therefore, you won’t need a certain number of players of each fraction to start a battleground.

Example 2:
Currently we have the situation, that after a successful battleground often some players of the “losers” won’t join another battleground, as a new one might presumably have the same result. With our modification at CFBG, joining as a group won’t be possible anymore, making it impossible to have “imba-groups” always together at a battleground. Furthermore, we designed the assignment randomly, making it impossible to know beforehand which one on the battleground will win or lose.

What is the overall goal?
We are concentrating to encourage PvP on our server. As already announced, CFBG will initially be activated as a trial phase. Trial phase means, we will look over the next few weeks, whether the PvP activity on battlegrounds increases and then decide, of CFBG will stay active or not. Naturally, there are no bigger modifications without risks. Should major error constellations occur, CFBG will as quickly as possible be deactivated.

What is the current status / What are the risks?
The current status is that the battlegrounds have been extensively tested with CFBG. During multiple simulations bugs were found, adjustments have been done, which then again have been tested. On the test server almost everything has been tested which was possible with the limited number of resources. However, CFBG is a strong intervention in the server mechanisms, therefore serious errors or crashes can never be completely ruled out. (In such cases we, of course, expect an immediate feedback. :P) The risk has been reduced as much as possible, though.

Thanks to the testers!
Without the active participation of the testers CFBG would have taken quite a while. Therefore, our deep thanks go to all of you, who contributed to our test phase of CFBG.
"There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man."
(Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear)

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