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Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014, 10:34

Spells, Icecrown Citadell, Miscellaneous

  • Event: Happy Hour
    The PvP event Happy Hour is now from Monday to Friday from 21:00 to 23:00.
    A quick reminder, the battleground Warsong Gulch will be on a holiday mode during that time.

  • Spells:

    Taunt Effects:
    Taunt effects cannot benefit from aggro-increasing effects anymore.
    This means you do not get the duplication of the aggro from the first in the aggro list but you catch up with the first. The tank has during the taunt effect time to build up more aggro than the other.

    Bladestorm will be interrupted at disarming and immune effects like “”Hand of Protection”.
    The offhand blow of Whirlwind will not be executed when the warrior has no weapon in is off-hand; furthermore, you will get immune to the effects of Whirlwind of a druid due to Bladestorm.

    Death Grip:
    Death Grip can only be casted when the Death Knight is neither jumping nor falling.
    Additionally, the previously included lock of Death Grip on players in instances has been changed to not be castable anymore (before the cast could be performed without any effect). Thus you will not get a wasted cool down. Moreover, Death Grip can be casted on overtaken players.
    If the target can reflect the next spell, Death Grip will not have any effect instead of ignoring it like before; grasped targets, e.g. by Entangling Roots, cannot be grabbed anymore.
    NPCs will be interrupted when casting a spell.

    Anti-Magic Shell:
    Not only repels any spells which can be cleansed, but also any magic effects, for example Shadow Prison at the Blood Prince Council encounter.

  • Instances:

    Icecrown Citadel:

    Lord Mark'Gar:
    Now has face aggro.
    Bone Spikes will now correctly despawn.

    Malleable Goo in heroic mode will look for their target randomly and not like before only players at a certain range.

    Valithria Dreamwalker:
    Is now immune against size changes; portals will not spawn in her hit box anymore.

    The buff Frost Infusion for the Shadowmourne quest will no longer scale with the spell power of the player.

    Lich King:
    The Ice Spheres can no longer critically hit with their spell Ice Pulse.

    Halls of Reflection:
    The loot chest at the end of the event can now be looted and contains Emblems of Triumph.

    The Instance will no longer stay in fight. Furthermore, the door only opens after the first four bosses has been killed.

    Serpentshrine Cavern:
    Fathom-Lord Karathress will no longer keep the instance in fight.
    The Lurker Below is not falling through the floor anymore. Additionally, the spell Splash will be announced four seconds ahead and as soon as the boss descends he is no longer attackable.

    Prince Malchezaar correctly spreads the debuff Enfeeble.

    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj:
    Emperor Vek'nilash is no longer immune against holy damage.

    In general:
    The missing immunity against Death Grip has been added to the Classic and BC instance bosses. (Thanks to Soja)

  • Quests:

    We Call Him Steelfeather - Works.
    Troll Patrol: Done to Death - Works.
    Re-Cursive / Souls of the Decursed – Credits will now be given.
    Taken by the Scourge – Additional victims of the Nerub’ar have been spawned.

  • Miscellaneous:

    A change in the fishing system has been adopted of Trinity. As a result, bugs through which you could not fish in some waters should have been fixed. This also includes The Lurker Below.
"There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man."
(Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear)

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