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Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014, 12:38

Duels, Instances, Warlock, Miscellaneous

  • PvP: Duels

    A cool down, life and mana reset has been added to the duel zone of Dalaran. As soon as a duel has been won, all cool downs from both players will be removed and the life and mana pool will be full again.

  • Instances:

    Icecrown Citadel:

    Several immunities will be correctly removed after a reset of bosses.

    Trial of the Crusader: Icehowler

    The position calculation for Crash and Charge has been modified. The boss should now always be in the field of view after he charged into the wall.

  • Spells:

    The glyphs “Felguard”, “Voidwalker” and “Eye of Kilrogg” have been implemented.

    Blink and Shadowstep:
    Will no longer get you out of fight.

    Taunt Effects:
    Yesterday’s fix has been corrected and should work now; for information on this see the change log from October, 2nd.

  • NPC:

    The spam protection of the capital bosses has been repaired. Now only every 5 minutes a warning for every pull will be caused; furthermore, there will be an additional warning at 60% boss life.

    The ICC buff has been removed, therefore, the error that the bosses bug at 1 life point should not appear anymore.

    If you have not read the change log from October, 2nd, you should do it now, as a few relevant issues have been adjusted.
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