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Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014, 08:38

Icecrown Citadel, Miscellaneous

  • Instances: Icecrown Citadel

    Lady Deathwhisper:

    The behaviour of the ghosts has been modified. Furthermore, in ICC 25 several ghosts will now spawn and the time between these spawns has been reduced.

    Professor Putricide:

    A change in the management of the spells “Unbound Plague“ and „Malleable Goo“ has been made, so that from now on they should not be skipped anymore.

    Blood Council:

    Flame Orbs will now build up above the boss before going to their target.

    Lich King:

    Shadow Traps will now despawn at the phase transition.


    Another attribute, which decides whether a spell causes a spell time delay, has been implemented.

  • Brewfest:

    The NPC Brew Vendor has been implemented. He will now monthly sell the Beer of the Month, if it is not sent to you, etc., or if you just want to have the effect. Of course, this only applies to those, who joined the “Brew of the Month Club”.

  • Quests:

    Reconnaissance Flight – Fixed.
    Across Transborea - Fixed.

  • Vehicle:

    The canons in PvP (Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients …) can now be charged again. The before implemented routing prevents you from reaching them, as it is not designed in this way.

    The canons in the starting area of the DKs can no longer move.

    Additionally, I would like to ask you, as written in the news, to report all ICC bugs that you know of in our bug tracker under the category “ICC Bugs”. It does not matter, whether they were reported before (of course, outside of this category); rather it is a matter of getting a current, compact list of all bugs to work them off better. You are doing us and also yourself a favour :) Thank you!
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