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Montag, 27. April 2015, 08:35

Modifications Website, Mobile Layout

One or the other of you might have noticed some modifications to our website. To avoid wild speculations: Jeff tries right now to reorganise a few things at the layout of the forum resp. to adjust it to the latest trends. Some of it is badly long in the tooth. A good deal of “garbage” piled up in the code for a long period, which Jeff will clear out during summer. What was in a few years ago, is now out. Google does (unfortunately) still set the direction and, of course, as time goes by Jeff’s ideas and knowledge changed.

Therefore, please have patience, if maybe in the forum something does not look the way you were used to. When Jeff feels like it, he will work on and take care of it. This might take a day or two, as long as nobody else wants to take over the forum web technically … :P

Otherwise, if anyone has questions or ideas, he/she is gladly invited to write something or send a PM to Jeff. He is quite open-minded to everything. :)

One addendum:
The layout, meaning the look of the website, will not change considerably. It is more about adjusting and cleaning up the background's structure.
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