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Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015, 08:20

Fusion: SENZAII and WoW-Castle

We are happy to announce that there will be a full acquisition of all accounts of the last two years from the server Senzaii to WoW-Castle in the near future. Thereby, the surviving of obtained characters, guild banks and many other crucial data on Senzaii can be ensured. On the other hand, both servers can join forces in gaming support, programming, bug fixing as well as organising occasional events etc.

What exactly will be taken over of each character and what not depends on the current status of WoW-Castle. Concerning this, further information will follow during the next days.

Character transfers to Senzaii resp. from Senzaii to Castle are from now on no longer possible. Also, characters which are created on Senzaii from today on will not be transferred to Castle.

The exact deadline of the acquisition will be announced in time.

Both teams are looking forward to the merging. Of course, we do know that a fusion also includes risks. But basically, all team members from both servers see this in a positive manner and with this feeling we jointly approach this fusion. Everything else may arise then.

Before asking questions, please wait for our next post, in which we will give you more details.

Another information site is here.... There you will find all important links as a kind of summary.
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