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Samstag, 18. Juli 2015, 20:49

Dungeon Browser, Miscellaneous

  • Core:

    Dungeon Browser:
    The complete system behind the DB has been reworked, so a few bugs should have been fixed.
    Among other things also the incorrect grouping with the always supposed missing one role.
    (As we never really could reproduce the bug, it is not possible to test whether it is fixed. Therefore, a feedback is appreciated.)

    A configurable distance to be loot entitled has been implemented for raids. If any bugs should appear or the range should be too low => feedback.

    Packages, which should be send to player while being in the loading screen, will no longer get lost, but rather will be stored temporarily on the server and sent collectively in the end. This regards among others RDB/arena/BG invites as well as chat messages (not affected are whispering messages).

    The bug which did not allow to kill an NPC with one life point, caused by percental life change, has been fixed.

    The requirement for the item level limited battleground has been implemented.

  • Instances:

    Trial of the Crusader – Faction Champions:
    Crash fixes.

    The Obsidian Sanctum:
    The Flame Tsunami should no longer kick through the map.

  • Mage - Talent Shatter:
    Critical chance modifier corrected.
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