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Montag, 20. Juli 2015, 09:55

PvP Event with 213-Gear

What is it all about?
After a survey in our forum the majority opted for a PvP Event which shall be held with a maximum item level of 213.

How will it be executed?
There is now a new trader in the sewers of Dalaran, who offers the corresponding PvP items for little honour. Here, you can get fully equipped or you enter the corresponding instances to get suitable PvE items. At regular intervals, events should take place in which with this item level limit PvP will be played. First of all, it will be proceeded in such a way, that at the time of the event battlegrounds can only be entered with the corresponding item level.

When will it start?
The first event starts July 26th, 2015, at 4 p.m.

Why all this?
In principle, we want to overcome the huge differences within the PvP equipment and to emphasize the fun again. Many people who would like to play PvP are discouraged by players with S8 etc. and see this as an insurmountable disadvantage. We want to undo this disadvantage with a common and easy reachable gear standard and put more emphasis on gaming fun and skill again.
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