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Donnerstag, 3. September 2015, 14:57

Fusion of Senzaii to WoW-Castle

29.08.2015, 01:45: The fusion has been completed.
A warm welcome to all the new players!

After a lot of preparations it is finally happening:
the WotLK realm of Senzaii will now be
fused with the WotLK realm of WoW-Castle.

For the currently planned time period you have to expect
a several hours downtime of the game server.

Here are the basic information regarding the fusion:

Date: Friday, 28.08.2015, 23:00
Realm list: set realmlist wow-castle.de
Version: WoW 3.3.5a (12340)

A fusion of character data always involves complicated problems. Therefore, we will now give you a rough description of the most important aspects.
Hopefully, for some of you these information is useful.

  • Accounts

    Here at WoW-Castle we have an automatically deletion of gaming accounts which have been inactive for more than 2 years (meaning, nobody logged in during that time). In accordance with this all gaming accounts of the fusion have been taken over which have been active within the last 2 years. There is no possibility to later transfer older accounts.

    If a player of a fused gaming account cannot regularly log in after the completion of the fusion this may be due to the fact that the gaming account name already exists on WoW-Castle or it contains special characters. These players please contact our GM team in the IRC-Chat, as in this case new gaming account names and passwords have to be set manually.

  • Names – Special Characters

    All names on WoW-Castle may not contain any special characters. In this context we talk especially about names of pets, guilds and characters.

    For pets and guilds these special characters will automatically be replaced during the fusion. Character names with special characters will automatically get a rename with the next login and the characters can be renamed.

  • Names – Double Occupancy

    With guilds and characters may, furthermore, occur double occupancies (similar to the gaming accounts). The guilds of WoW-Castle obtain the priority and fused guilds have to be renamed.

    For the character will an automatically algorithm ensure that characters with lower levels will not block the name of characters with higher levels (in both directions until certain limits).

    Should there be a justified interest to change the name of a necessarily renamed fused guild, the guild master can clarify this request with the GM team in IRC-Chat.

  • Items - Equip

    A few of the fused characters possess equip iItems, which are right now not available on WoW-Castle. Some of the items will, therefore, already be erased in the course of the fusion.

    There is a special regulation for equip items of the instances Icecrown Citadel (25HC) and Ruby Sanctum. These items will initally temporarily be locked and can, furthermore, not be used. Whether these equip items may be preserved or need to be erased will be decided later on. It depends on how good the individual bosses were working and whether more serious bugs existed or not.

    The worn blocked items will appear in the mail. There you will also find replacement equip, which will be distributed as substitute for the blocked items (so that the fused characters will not be without any equip after the fusion).

  • Items - 36er Bags

    On WoW-Castle 36er bags are not available as well. These bags will automatically be exchanged with 22er bags during the fusion and the items being in the remaining slots of the 36er bags will automatically be sent back via mail.

  • Spells and Achievement

    All spells and achievements will be corrected with the help of a whitelist method. That means, only spells and achievements will be maintained which are on the whitelist. All other entries will automatically be erased.

    Furthermore, it will also be checked that spells and achievements match the character’s faction. If necessary, there will also be an automatically correction and the matching entry to the character will be replaced.

  • Mounts

    Also, mounts can be effected by the correction via the whitelist . There is a possibility, when mounts have been erased to contact the GM team via the IRC-Chat. There might be an examination for each individual mount, whether and in what way a replacement may be given.

  • Voting Points

    To settle the fusion as soon as possible we adjourned the discussion regarding the terms of any acceptance of the voting points. However, the data sets are available to the WoW-Castle team so that these decision might been madelater.

  • Team Members

    The active team members will be integrated into the WoW-Castle team. Thereby, especially in the early period, already known contact persons are available for the fused players.

  • Ingame Rules

    With the fusion there are, of course, new ingame rules for the fused players. It is urgently recommended to carefully read through the Policies of WoW-Castle.
"There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man."
(Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear)



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Freitag, 4. September 2015, 09:01

Thank you for the translation!

Please klick the 'thank you machine' for SleeBeau... :)

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