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Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016, 12:44

Cooperation: World of Paranoid and WoW-Castle

Currently, a loose cooperation of the two WoW private servers
World of Paranoid and WoW-Castle is on its way.

World of Paranoid will carry on to run its BC realm normally and the
WotLK realm of World of Paranoid will be merged with WoW-Castle.

Additionally, there will be permanent mutual links on the websites of both servers within the cooperation.

At present time, we work on the complete acquisition of all accounts of the last two years from World of Paranoid’s WotLK realm.

What specifically will be taken over and what not is depending on WoW-Castle’s current status. Concerning this, further information will follow.

Character transfers between the servers are not possible during the time of the fusion preparations.

The exact effective date of the fusion will be announced on a timely basis.
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