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Mittwoch, 23. November 2016, 12:57

Update 20.11.2016

During the night of November 20th, 2016 the game server will be updated.
For this purpose, the game server cannot be reached for about 1-2hrs.

This will have NO effect on the game version:
We will still be on patch 3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King.

As this update is a major intervention we expect occuring bugs / errors / crashes in the beginning. Therefore, we depend on your corresponding response. Of course, a few things have already been tested beforehand (also by players, at this point again a lot of thanks!) to diagnose and solve problems at the earliest possible stage.

Until now we will publicly enable the test server (with slightly older character/account data) for tests as well.
The realm list for the test server is: set realmlist wow-castle.de:3725

However, there are so many improvements by now that an update should be worthwhile for us. Following a small list of the most important changes:

  • MMaps: Completely revised movement system for NPCs. For example, NPCs are now able to correctly use the stairs instead of floating through the ceiling.

  • Icecrown Citadel: The Gunship Battle will now be available with this update.

  • Icecrown Citadel: The Weeklies in the Icecrown Citadel will now be correctly randomly distributed – the frost giant has lost its „mini boss“ status with the introduction of the Gunship Battle.

  • Buff Stacking: The stacking of buffs has also been completely revised and should work better than before the update.

  • Extension of Instance IDs: Should also be possible with the update.

  • Security: A few things regarding security have been improved as well.

  • Translations: Have been completely revised with the new system.

  • Miscellaneous: Many small improvements, e.g. individual spells, value calculations, quest fixes, NPCs, …

As these changes are very complex and partly error-prone it was not possible to perform a complete test under realistic conditions as in a live running of the server. This is why we will approach the whole issue by being able to switch individual subsystems off or undo the whole update in the worst possible scenario.

Furthermore, it will take some time until some of the web systems have been adjusted to the new structure. In the first place this will refer to AoWoW, but Armory might be affected as well. The majority of the "old" bug reports in the bug tracker have been closed as a lot of the entries are simply no longer valid with the update.
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(Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear)

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